Ergonomic Training Online

CorpMed's® web-based Ergo Clinics® were developed by board certified occupational physician, Dr. Kevin Byrne to reduce preventable on-the-job injuries.

The Ergo Clinic corporate ergonomic training has saved members hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced Workers' Compensation claims and lower insurance premiums. Clients have also enjoyed measurable gains in employee productivity due to increased comfort.

CorpMed’s personal online ergonomic training course has helped users correctly set up their home office to reduce cumulative/repetitive stress injuries (CTDs/ MSDs)Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Musculoskeletal Disorders
and enjoy a more productive workspace.

We can help you, too. Try the free demo now...you'll feel better in just a few minutes.

Did You Know... ?

"Ergonomics" means "fitting the task to the individual rather than the individual to the task".


Dr. Byrne is the reason we chose the Ergo Clinic. He has developed the highest quality, most comprehensive product of those we evaluated.

--Christine Bouril, M.D. Senior Ergonomist