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Web-based Training

Easy-to-use Ergo Clinics® are customized and delivered right over your company’s existing intranet. All you need is a browser and an intranet or Internet connection to access the web-based training.

The training course includes self-paced, high-quality video vignettes that are engaging, informative and effective.

Self-help instructions let employees make adjustments by following simple step-by-step directions from the convenience of their own desks. They’ll also learn helpful, quick stretching exercises.

A comprehensive management tool for administrators provides ergonomic training reports that identify employees at high risk of injury, those already experiencing discomfort, employees who have completed safety training and much more.

Licensing includes customization, hosting, maintenance and free upgrades. Our robust hosting service supports an unlimited number of simultaneous users. And since no software installations or downloads are required, you’ll be up and running with the Ergo Clinic in no time.

Did You Know... ?

Ergonomics is a cost-effective productivity tool.

Our employees LOVE the Ergo Clinic because they can quickly resolve about 90% or more of their ergo problems.

--Patti Guist
Director, Associate Programs & Services