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Office Ergonomics Training

The Office Ergo Clinic™ enables employees to correctly configure their computer workstation to avoid developing carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other musculoskeletal injuries. Employees receive information about equipment adjustment that prompts them to make self-adjustments to correct their work areas including:

  • proper chair height
  • backrest, seatpan and armrest positions
  • keyboard adjustment
  • monitor height, tilt, and glare remediation
  • optional information for laptop users and call centers (vocal ergonomcs)

It also teaches them how to maintain correct posture, keyboarding and mousing technique, as well as stretching exercises.

The Office Ergo Clinic also features a Self Care Center that allows employees to troubleshoot problems and immediately improve comfort. The Quick Guide Center allows users to hyperlink directly to specific information about workstation adjustment, posture, keyboarding techniques and stretching exercises.

Employees have access to the training at any time and learn at their own pace. Clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations make it engaging and easy to use. Each employee’s progress is tracked, and a variety of ergonomic training reports are available to the ergonomic Administrator. The Training Status Report lists those who have begun training, completed training or not started; The Survey Results and Risk Analysis Reports details the "risk status" of employees from low to high, and flags those for email follow-up.

Learn more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis .

CorpMed’s products go beyond safety training to provide early intervention resources in a professional and cost efficient manner. We found the Ergo Clinic very effective.

-- Jerry Ryan, Ph.D.