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Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) cost $100 billion a year in medical costs, disability and lost productivity. It is estimated that half the dollars spent on occupational health are directed at injuries caused by awkward and repetitive motion. The good news about ergonomic-related injuries is that they are nearly always preventable. Even when discomfort has begun, identifying and removing the cause will allow the body to heal.

Now there’s a convenient, economic solution to preventing these injuries by training workers to use their equipment and bodies correctly: It's the Ergo Clinic.

To preview a section of the Self Care Center included in the Ergo Clinic training program, click Symptoms and Remedies.

Visit Risk Factors for more information about the ergonomic causes of injuries.

Did You Know... ?

According to OSHA, each year 600,000 workers are injured severely enough by ergonomic injuries to require time off work.