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Ergonomic Help For Caregivers

Hospitals, nursing homes and the home care industry have the highest rate of work-related Cumulative Trauma Disorders in the country – literally double the national average.

Not surprisingly, ergonomic issues are the leading causes of injuries to the backs, shoulders and arms of caregivers.

If you are a medical caregiver, you’re probably responsible for more patients than ever, who are heavier to lift and transport. And with mechanical lift devices in short supply, training in body mechanics and the proper use of available lift devices is essential to your long term good health.

If you’re shouldering the primary responsibility of caring for someone at home, you’re at an even greater risk for injury if you haven’t had the proper training or ongoing support needed for this important 24/7 job.

The online Ergo Clinic for Caregivers and Patient Handling makes training convenient and affordable for everyone. It also provides safety to your patients, by preventing falls and encouraging regular repositioning in the bed or wheelchair.

Prevent injury to yourself and others with the Ergo Clinic for Caregivers and Patient Handling. Request a Demo now and see for yourself the difference that the Ergo Clinic for Caregivers and Patient Handling can make.

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Did You Know... ?

Caregivers have double the national average of Cumulative Trauma Disorders.