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Symptoms & Remedies

Symptoms of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) or Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) include the following: pain, stiffness, soreness, tingling (“pins and needles” sensation), numbness, weakness or fatigue.

These symptoms usually develop gradually because the cause of the problem, or risk factor,  may have been present for months. Sometimes we only suddenly become aware of a symptom, or it simply reaches a point where we cannot ignore it any longer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome cases actually make up only a small minority of these injuries. Various forms of tendonitis and non-specific overuse syndromes are much more common.

The underlying risk factors must be corrected or the symptoms will continue and probably worsen. A major flaw in our medical system is that patients are returned to the same environment that caused the problem in the first place. We can avoid this breakdown by providing individuals and companies with the tools to really solve ergonomic problems.

Self Care Center

A vital component of the Ergo Clinic training program is the Self Care Center, a powerful feature that helps employees solve CTD-related problems on their own. This robust knowledgebase helps employees define the symptoms that may be due to a CTD,  target the exact problem causing it, then offers easy-to-follow instructions on how make corrections.

 Did You Know... ?

With the Ergo Clinic Online Training, your employees will have access anytime to professionally produced videos that are easy to use, comprehensive and effective.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 April 2007 )