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Working With an Ergonomist

Onsite Evaluations

If your company is considering working with an ergonomic professional, contact us for help finding an ergonomist in your area with experience to match your specific needs.

Ergonomists with an engineering background (CPE degree) are certified to assist with optimizing the equipment and work flow in industrial processes. Others are trained in physical therapy (PT) or occupational therapy (OT), which enables them to correct body mechanics and posture and to intervene in alleviating discomfort.

Briefly, these are the services offered by Onsite Ergonomists:

  • Evaluating individuals who have, or may file, a Workers’ Comp claim
  • Personalized stretching exercises
  • ADA accommodations and facilitating return-to-work, stay-at-work
  • Options for laptop users, home office, unique workstation requirements
  • Chair adjustment, sitting posture
  • Keyboards and input devices – selection, placement and use
  • Monitor position, height, distance, and adjustments (font, color, contrast)
  • Removing glare and other visually fatiguing conditions
  • Selections and proper use of office accessories such as copy/document holders and phone headsets
  • Work habits and techniques to decrease risk, including keyboard shortcuts and work breaks
  • Voice activated software, selection and use, when indicated
  • Train-the-trainer, which teaches staff to perform first level ergo evaluations
  • Presentations to line and upper management
  • Consultations and support to Environment Health & Safety (EH&S), Human Resources, Risk Management or Medical Departments

Ergonomists sometimes contract with an organization on a full- or part-time basis to assist the company on an ongoing basis as needs arise. These services can include:

  • Review of Office Ergonomic Systems
  • Design of the overall ergonomic program
  • Furniture and equipment evaluations before purchase
  • Assisting with the design of new offices or work processes
  • Identifying and following up with employees at high risk of injury, or already in discomfort (using the Ergo Clinic surveys and walk-throughs)
  • Evaluating the results of the program and adjusting accordingly

Telephone Support

For companies with multiple locations, telephone evaluation and follow-up can be an effective tool. Telephone support can work in tandem with the Ergo Clinic web-based ergonomic training that serves as the first line of intervention.