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Early Intervention Prevents Injury

Uniquely ours, the Ergo Clinic Self-Care Center is easy to use and provides practical information for employees who are already experiencing discomfort.

By simply clicking on the affected body part, relevant hyperlinks are presented that allow visitors to troubleshoot a problem. They double check the most likely causes of the problem, and are then presented with a list of solutions, including specific stretching exercises designed to alleviate their discomfort.

Self-Care information includes:

  • Likely contributing factors from work or home activities
  • Equipment adjustment solutions
  • Keyboarding technique and posture solutions
  • Stretching exercise solutions
  • Tips for home, hobbies and sports
neck stretching
This Self Care Center exercise is designed to relieve the stress and tension that is typically held in the neck and shoulder areas.
Did You Know... ?

By teaching employees how to adjust their existing equipment, most companies can significantly decrease the number of new chair purchases.