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Ergonomic Training Reports

Ergo Clinic company administrators enjoy a variety of reports that track their employees’ training progress in real time. Information can be displayed in a variety of formats so that you can customize the report to your specific needs, and forward it to others.

Training Status Report lists those who have begun training, completed training or not started. A list of email addresses is provided for all employees who still need to complete the training. Information can be filtered or sorted by date of completion, last access date, employee name, business unit or other criteria.

The Survey Results and Risk Analysis Reports contain a wealth of information that enable Ergo Administrators to intervene early and prevent injuries. Employee responses to ergonomic-related questions result in a low-to-high “risk rating,” used to target follow up efforts to employees with the greatest need. You can then prioritize your follow up efforts to focus on individuals who are at a high risk for developing a costly injury. The report also provides you with email addresses to facilitate contacting these employees.

Many other admin functions are included that allow you to efficiently manage your ergonomics program.

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Did You Know... ?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is NOT a surgical problem. It is an ergonomic problem. When the ergonomic “risk factors” are corrected, the nerve is able to heal.

The reporting, with automatic follow up surveys, have been very useful in targeting employees who are experiencing discomfort or who need to make workstation adjustments.

--Kristine Kohn
HR Specialist