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Easy Setup and Ongoing Support

CorpMed provides support for all aspects of ergonomics program design, training and program management. You’ll experience our high level of customer support starting with installation and deployment. Set up and launch takes just a few minutes and requires minimal work for you and your IT staffIT simply places a link to
the Ergo Clinic on one or more
of your intranet pages.
. If you need any help at this point (most clients don’t), we’re just a phone call away.

Once installed, we’ll continue providing support by helping you roll out your ergonomic program for maximum effectiveness. Your entire enterprise will have immediate access to training, safety resources, and self-care information from any online computer at any time.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive overview of all the reporting capabilities, including how to use the reports to identify employees at high risk of injury or who are already in discomfort.

And that’s not all. We’ll help you promote use of the Ergo Clinic training throughout your organization, sharing tips that have helped our clients successfully reach 90% participation rates.

We’re dedicated to making sure you and your employees experience the full potential of the Ergo Clinic Training and Program Management System.

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Did You Know... ?

Essentially all CTDs are preventable. Once they occur, however, they are the most expensive of all claims.

One of the biggest benefits is that our employees can take charge of being pain free and healthy, and can avoid surgery.

- Linda Breau