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Higher Morale and Better Retention

Human Resource departments are performing a balancing act with competing priorities that include employee recruitment, retention, absenteeism, morale, productivity, training for new and existing employees, finding temps, reviewing overtime requirements, dealing with state and federal compliance issues...and much more. All while working with fewer resources than ever before.

Let CorpMed’s Ergo Clinic assist you. The Ergo Clinic is a proactive employee benefit that greatly helps reduce stress, turnover, and unnecessary absence. Greater comfort improves morale, boosts productivity, and lowers Workers’ Comp claims.

We’ll provide ongoing support to help you promote use of the training throughout your organization. We’ll share tips that our clients have used to successfully reach the highest participation levels, including incentive programs such as raffles, competitions and “wellness points.”

CorpMed provides support for all aspects of the Ergo Clinic. We’ll help you design your ergonomic program for maximum penetration and effectiveness throughout your company.

Offer your employees the Ergo Clinic and demonstrate how much you truly value your company’s number one asset.

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Did You Know... ?

Each year 1.8 million workers experience injuries related to overexertion or repetitive motion.

The Ergo Clinic is a great way to demonstrate that we really care about the safety and comfort of our employees. And they're enthusiastic about that, too! The response has been very positive.

--Sue Comeau
Risk Manager