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Your Virtual Assistant

The Ergo Clinic is the only web-based training product developed by an occupational physician. Dr. Kevin Byrne has devoted the past 20 years to treating and preventing (CTDs/ MSDs)Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Musculoskeletal Disorders
. So you can be assured this training is high quality, comprehensive, and medically and technically accurate.

It’s good preventive medicine, too.

As you know, CTDs and MSDs are quite preventable, especially when intervention is early. Use this proven training program to prevent unnecessary surgery and needless disability...along with their associated costs.

Save time and effort by empowering employees with the knowledge to correctly adjust their existing equipment, correct their posture and learn helpful keyboarding techniques. Most employees can learn and apply the Ergo Clinic’s information themselves. This will allow you to focus your attention on those at highest risk or already in discomfort.

Think of the Ergo Clinic as your “virtual assistant”.

Did You Know... ?

Ergonomic Training can eliminate or reduce the need for Carpal Tunnel surgery by 95%.

Knowing Ergo Clinic was developed by a doctor of occupational medicine was VERY important for us.

-- Jeannie Terra
Occupational Health and Safety