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Promoting Safe Patient Handling

Ergo Clinic training for patient care and lab workers will save you money and recruiting costs by preventing injuries that commonly afflict workers in the healthcare industry.

The Patient Handling Ergonomic Training Module was developed specifically to prevent shoulder and back injuries in those who are responsible for moving patients. It demonstrates proper techniques for conducting single and two-person wheelchair/bed transfers, repositioning patients in beds and wheelchairs, and ambulating patients.

In the laboratory, where workers frequently conduct repetitive motions in prolonged awkward positions, the Laboratory Ergo Clinic will prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. This training demonstrates the correct techniques for microscope and pipette work, as well as general lab safety.

Both programs include the Self Care Center for stretching exercises and for helping individuals focus on problem areas and make corrections – before they cost you money.

Did You Know... ?

Carpal tunnel patients who have surgery tend to get progressively worse, while those who avoid surgery gradually improve.