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Occupational Medicine Consulting

To help you reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, CorpMed can also provide physician consultation by Occupational Physician Kevin Byrne, MD, MPH.

Dr. Byrne consults with organizations on the following:

  • Early intervention and prevention of CTDs (Cumulative Trauma Disorders)
  • Overall ergonomic program design, implementation and evaluation
  • Case management of existing Workers’ Comp claims
  • Integrated Disability Management, Stay at Work Program
  • Wellness, health promotion and productivity enhancement
  • Occupational health services, disaster preparedness
  • Medical benefits design and cost control measures
  • Environmental Health and Safety audits

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Did You Know... ?

CTDs result in more time lost from work than any other type of injury.

CorpMed is very responsive and professional. They worked with us to set Ergo Clinic up on our Intranet, and they’ve been very flexible and accommodating.

--Sebastien Cayolle
Risk Manager