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More Talk. Less Downtime

Call Center employees are required to handle telephone calls and intense data entry duties for long periods of time each day. And since they frequently share workstations, many of these employees simply clock in and immediately pick up the phone. They don’t even think about taking the time to adjust their chairs or keyboards. This can result in ongoing discomfort.

Their daily physical aches can lead to persistent pain and injury – and costly Workers’ Comp claims for you. Plus downtime, plus temporary workers, plus turnover, and more.

Take the proactive approach to preventing injuries and boosting productivity. The Call Center Ergo Clinic instructs your employees about proper posture, stretching exercises, and equipment adjustments, as well as keyboarding and mousing techniques. And it’s the only training available that includes “vocal ergonomic” tips that prevent cumulative voice injury.

The Ergo Clinic Self Care Center focuses attention on common problems associated with Call Center jobs, including neck, arm and lower back discomfort – and how to prevent them.

Did You Know... ?

Repetition is not as important, in general, as excessive force and awkward position in causing cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs).

Hand and lower back injuries in the Call Center went from 60% down to 29% in just 3 years. Thank you CorpMed!

-- Christine Bouril, M.D

Proper posture and head set positioning is essential to preventing neck, back, shoulder and arm discomfort.